An Amended Review is a single request for reconsideration. This re-review process is not a sham, nor is it like a Netflix show. Here’s what you need to know. Before you start your Amended Review application, make sure that your case has not settled. You should explain the reasons for your request. Once you’ve submitted the application, make sure that you explain why you want a re-AMENDEE REVIEW

Amended Review is a one-time Request for re-Review

CMS has extended the time period for Amended Reviews by two years, making them eligible for the second chance. Those who qualify can submit one re-review request up to six years after the original CMS determination. In order to qualify, the request must be based on new or updated medical evidence and a justification of the claimant’s medical condition. If a claimant is taking a controlled substance, CMS highly recommends professional administration. Benzodiazepines and opioids are two drugs that CMS considers commonly abused.

Applicants can also submit an Amended Review based on a lack of evidence that supports the original determination. Usually, the additional evidence must be dated after the CMS submission date and warrant a change in the determination. However, it must be noted that an Amended Review cannot be filed based on a disagreement over specific medications or treatments. The request must be accompanied by specific documentation to support the claim.

It is not a Standard Reconsideration Process

An AMENDEE REVIEW is not a “standard” reconsideration process. It is a special review by a CMS official who did not participate in the initial determination. This official will review your case based on the evidence you submitted in the time required and the format requested by CMS. Evidence that has not previously been submitted to CMS may not be considered for inclusion in the record. Once the reviewer issues its decision, the agency will inform both you and your ACO.

It is not a Netflix Series

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