Antonellis Cheese Shop Reviews

Whether you’re interested in working in a cheese shop or just in general, it’s worth reading Antonellis Cheese Shop Reviews to find out if this is the right job for you. These reviews will tell you about the Salary range, work-from-home opportunities, and mission statement of the Company. Read on for more information! You’ll also learn about the company’s mission statement and local cheese makers’ support.

Salary range of Antonelli’s Cheese Shop employees

The average salary at Antonelli’s Cheese Shop is $126,392, ranging from lows of $111,619 to highs of $143,085. Salaries vary widely from person to person depending on experience, education and job title. To help you understand the salary range at Antonelli’s Cheese Shop, here are some typical salary ranges:

The Antonelli’s Cheese Shop is a quaint Austin restaurant that has been in business since 1898. The cheese shop is known for providing high-quality products from small, artisanal producers. The company takes pride in its reputation and has even taken the initiative to visit cheese farms with kids. The shop also offers cheese clubs. Along with cheese, Antonelli’s sells wine, charcuterie and kitchen goods. Several employees of the cheese shop work from home.

Support of local cheese makers

Visit the Snug Market at Antonellis Cheese Shop to sample artisan cheeses and cured meats from local farmers. Along with artisan cheeses, the shop also sells cured meats, bread, sundries, wine, and craft beers. While you’re shopping for cheese, try a craft beer or wine from a local brewery. These beverages will accompany your cheese and the local food you’re eating.

The owners of Antonellis Cheese Shop, John and Kendall Antonelli, are also friends of We Are Austin. While not a member of We Are Austin, they do have an ethos that revolves around the mantra of “Do Good, Eat Good” and are proud to support local cheese makers. In addition to a cheese shop with a mission like “Do Good, Eat Good,” the Antonellis have featured their business in a recent Capital One Spark Cash Plus card commercial.

The shop’s mission is to connect local cheese makers with consumers. To that end, the shop offers virtual tours of its retail partners’ farms and production centers. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the shop had to make some changes. It added online ordering, curbside pickup, and phone orders. It has also introduced a virtual cheesemonger experience, allowing customers to schedule a 15-minute video chat with a cheese expert. Customers can then choose to pick up their cheese curbside or have it delivered to their home.

Work-from-home options

If you love food, and are looking for a job that lets you work from home in Austin, consider working at Antonellis Cheese Shop. This gourmet cheese shop opened in 2010 and has become one of Austin’s best-known spots for artisanal cheese. In addition to artisanal cheese, you’ll find local charcuterie and olive oils and spreads, and delicious handpicked cheeses. The cheesemongers at Antonellis are happy to provide you with information on each type of cheese.

In addition to selling fine cheese, Antonellis offers work-from-home opportunities as a virtual cheesemonger. The company has created a virtual cheesemonger experience that allows customers to schedule a 15-minute video chat with a cheese expert. If you can’t make it to the shop to chat with a cheese monger, you can place orders online and have them delivered curbside to your home.

Company’s mission

For many years, the newest mission of Antonelli’s Cheese Shop has been to bring the best artisan cheeses to Central Texas. In fact, the company supplies cheese to over 150 restaurants and chefs in Central Texas and across the continental United States. In addition to selling cheese, Antonelli’s also offers a variety of educational and fun events, such as a daily cheese tasting. Learn more about Antonelli’s mission and the products they carry below.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the region, cheese shops were devastated and lost a significant portion of their business. John and Kendall worked to find a solution. They partnered with ShipStation, which helped them transition their business from brick-and-mortar to online sales within ten days. Now, they’re offering customers the opportunity to chat live with a cheese expert online and curbside pick-ups.

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