If you’re new to NinjaTrader 8 and are wondering how to link charts, read on! In this article, you’ll discover how to use XABCD Pattern Suites in NinjaTrader 8 and create multiple charts. You’ll also learn how to customize your charts’ colors and more. After reading this article, you’ll have a much better understanding of how to link charts in NT8.

NinjaTrader 8

The first step to linking charts in NinjaTrader 8 is to create a data provider connection. The default data provider is Kinetick End of Day (Free). If you need historical data, you’ll have to sign up for a premium plan or create a custom connection. The next step is to define the data series type for each chart. This is a crucial step. Without it, you’ll be limited to only one workspace per platform.

To use the linking feature, click on the small gray squares at the top of the chart window. These squares represent instrument and interval linking. While the latter is generally preferred, some windows only offer instrument linking. Interval linking is largely optional and is mainly used to manage trades. When you link multiple charts, make sure you save your workspace and chart templates beforehand. Then, when you need to change one or several of them, you can easily switch them to the same interval or instrument.

XABCD Pattern Suites for NinjaTrader 8

XABCD patterns operate according to human emotions and map out patterns of human behavior. This means that traders react to events with the same emotions regardless of the length of the event. Taking time into account helps in developing a harmonic pattern structure with a more stable structure. These patterns are not suited to short-term trading. They can be used for trading longer-term strategies or for predicting potential trend changes.

XABCD Pattern Suites for Ninjtrader 8 are the best way to get a comprehensive understanding of price action within TP Renko bars. NinjaTrader’s built-in charting features provide users with an advanced level of performance, allowing them to trade with a higher degree of confidence and profitably. They can also use the tool’s unique feature of allowing users to link multiple charts to the same window.

Creating Multiple Charts

Creating multiple charts in NT8 is simple – just select the ‘New’ option in the Options menu and then click the ‘Add’ button. Alternatively, you can use the built-in chart types. In NT8, the ‘Renko’ chart type is the default. But if you’re looking to create a multi-monitor setup, this option may be better for you.

Multi Plots mode is the easiest way to create more than one chart in NT8. The ‘Multi Plots’ sub-panel appearance mode gives you more options to create multi-plots. For example, in the Multi Plots sub-panel, there’s an option to plot a potential price swing. You can use it to analyze short-term swings. The Multi Plots mode also gives you options to create multiple charts within one window.

Customizing Colors

If you’re using a number of different charts to view the market, you can choose to customize the colors of each one. The links to the various charts are located at the top of each window. The links are marked by red or orange squares, and you can change the color scheme for specific charts if you want. These include the USDJPY, GBPUSD, EURUSD, and more.


If you’re using NT8, you can now use performance charts on your desktop. These charts are very useful and provide important information about market trends. You can even link them to other tools, such as a news feed or a trading platform. Performance charts in NT8 are designed to load quickly. They use separate threads for calculating statistics and loading indicators. This ensures that they don’t freeze due to communication problems.

It’s easy to make a mistake and accidentally enable the high-performance option on your charts. The problem is that this feature consumes more power than the default Power Saving setting, which can seriously impact the battery life of your laptop. Another problem is that there’s no easy way to clear the cache in NinjaTrader, so you’ll have to delete specific folders. To clear your cache in NT8, see the NinjaTrader support forum and this article.

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