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Kookai’s overall score is 3.7 stars

While the Kookai store’s aesthetic and atmosphere is great, the management is unprofessional and doesn’t support its employees. They do not hold exit interviews and change the clock when they feel like it. In addition, Kookai’s upper management is toxic and dresses poorly for the fashion industry. Despite these issues, the girls who work at the store are cute and helpful. Overall, the store gets 3.7 stars from us.

Kookai’s size guide

Kookai is a label of women’s clothing with a distinct and confident aesthetic. Founded in Paris in 1983, the brand’s mission is to offer stylish, fashion-forward apparel at affordable prices. Founded by Robert Cromb and Danielle Vagner, the Australian brand has since expanded globally, with over 200 stores in Europe and Asia.

Its price

If you are looking for clothing for a reasonable price, Lookai is a great option. The site carries a wide selection of graphic printed T-shirts for both men and women. The T-shirts are available in different colors, quality levels, and designs. Despite its cheap prices, these T-shirts are of high quality. The company’s website states that it is committed to providing you with the highest quality clothing for an affordable price.

The items available on Lookai are appealing and interesting, and many of the items ship worldwide. The site provides shipping details, payment methods, and return policies. It also offers other helpful information regarding the site. Online shopping has become a popular trend, and more people are turning to the internet to shop. However, before you decide to buy on Lookai, be sure to check out reviews on other verified websites.

A 30-day return policy is offered for any item purchased through Lookai. You can contact the company through email, chat, or phone, and return it for a refund. The company accepts VISA, Master Card, and PayPal for payments. The site is secure, and customers can view their shipping and delivery details at any time.

FAQ ABOUT : Lookai Reviews

  • social networking : Instagram and Facebook
  • URL https://www.lookai.co/.
  • quality products : T-shirts, Tees and many other items.
  •  Return policy:  30-day
  • Payment: Paypal, VISA, Master Card
  • launched: 02/08/2022.
  •  expire :02/08/2023.
  •  trust : 1%.

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