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Pelican Wireless Systems allow you to maintain the temperature in each room at a comfortable level. Not every room is insulated the same way. If there are drafty rooms in the house, you can use Pelican Wireless System thermostats to warm these rooms while keeping other areas cool. This system communicates with each other, so one thermostat will not heat up another room and vice versa. This makes your home comfortable and energy-efficient.

Pelican Wireless Systems

A Pelican Wireless System can help you control energy consumption and save hundreds of dollars on your monthly energy bill. It is possible to monitor your energy consumption from a single device, and you can control your entire building or multiple buildings at once. The Pelican Wireless System uses leading-edge technology to create a wireless HVAC energy management solution that is easy to implement and manage. In addition to providing energy savings and enhanced occupant satisfaction, this system offers intuitive Cloud-based reporting and management.

A Pelican Wireless System provides complete access to the heating and cooling systems in your home. Unlike traditional thermostats, Pelican Wireless Systems can provide a central control for all HVAC systems in a single device. This makes the system extremely easy to set up and manage, while allowing you to customize every room’s temperature. With a Pelican Wireless System, you can even adjust temperatures in different rooms independently of one another, eliminating any possible conflicts over thermostat settings.

Pelican TS200 thermostat

The Pelican TS200 thermostat is an advanced wireless system that creates a mesh network of interconnected temperature sensors to provide unprecedented control of the temperature of a commercial building. Its smartphone app also provides remote monitoring of the building’s temperature. Its large display makes setting the desired temperature easy. Users can select from fan, heating, or cooling modes and even program the thermostat to switch between them. To simplify installation, the thermostat includes an easy to use user guide.

The Pelican Wireless System provides comprehensive temperature control in multiple rooms, including those with different insulation levels. This system provides energy to drafty rooms and prevents overheating in other rooms. The Pelican TS200 thermostat wireless system can also work in buildings that have limited wiring. This system allows the building owner to upgrade to more advanced models without worrying about the cost of a retrofit. Its wireless system also eliminates the need for hardwired HVAC control systems.

Pelican Protector EMS Vent Mount

Using the Pelican Protector EMS Vent Mount to conveniently charge your iPhone is an ideal way to get hands free while driving. It features an integrated steel plate and magnetic car vent mount, allowing you to work hands free without having to worry about tangles with your phone. Additionally, the mount allows you to operate your phone in portrait or landscape mode. Pelican’s Lifetime Guarantee ensures that the product will work as advertised.

The Pelican Protector EMS Vent Mount comes with a magnetic wireless battery and protective device case. The case is available in three models. Each comes with a sleek all-black design. The case is made of dual-material construction, is firm, and has a steel plate inside. Pelican has minimized branding throughout the case. It also makes the Pelican Protector EMS Vent Mount wireless compatible with any standard smartphone charger.

Pelican PMS Interface

Pelican Wireless Systems’ PMS Interface allows hotel managers to reduce energy usage by using occupancy and average nights stay data to program thermostats. In the US, hotel occupancy has averaged around 60% in the last decade. This means that up to 40% of rooms are unoccupied during peak times. With the Pelican PMS Interface, hotel managers can automatically set thermostats to an economy mode during those times. This way, they can avoid overusing energy during peak periods.

The Pelican PMS Interface wireless also connects to the central reservation system. This interface does not require a PIR sensor or door lock. The Pelican technology is approved against a baseline stand-alone thermostat system, which provides an approximate ROI of 44%. Pelican Wireless has met or exceeded its ROI targets and recommended “Approved Energy Solution” status by Marriott. The next step is to develop a calculator for energy savings.

Pelican Protector EMS Recharge Battery Pack

The Pelican Protector EMS Recharge is a durable case for your phone that includes a magnetic wireless battery. It is available in black, brown, or orange. The EMS Recharge case has a dual material construction and is firm and rugged. The magnetic plate and design of the case work seamlessly with the magnetic battery pack system, giving you an extra 40% in power. The battery pack itself is very small, but it will still charge your phone and other devices.

The Pelican Recharge battery comes with a charging cable and a USB power adapter for use with your phone. The power adapter must be the same as your phone. While the EMS Recharge Battery Pack can charge your phone via USB, it will only draw a maximum of 1A. The power button deforms when you press it in, then snaps back when you are finished, providing full protection.

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