Plantatreeco Legit

Plantatreeco Legit : If you’re thinking about making a purchase from Plantatreeco, you should know that with every purchase, they will plant a tree. They are working toward a goal of planting one million trees, and have already planted 6500 trees in one year. The website is classified as a charity, and they also offer free shipping for domestic orders. International orders take up to 30 days to arrive. Shipping costs are not specified on the website, but they do offer a 30 day return policy.

Is Plantatreeco a scam?

The website of Plantatreeco is very famous, but consumers have mixed feelings about it. The site has moderate trust scores and mixed consumer comments, but it appears to be a legitimate company that has planted trees. Moreover, the website claims to plant a tree for every purchase. This is not a scam, but it’s worth keeping in mind that this company collects personal details. If you’re not comfortable giving out your financial details, it’s best to move on.

The website has a gmail id, but no phone number. It also doesn’t mention Florida, nor does it list the names of the employees. However, there are several online reviews about it that make it seem like a scam. If you’re not convinced, you can try reading about some of the most common scams related to PayPal or Credit cards. It’s important to check the site’s reputation before placing any money.

Is it a charity?

If you’re looking for a nonprofit ecommerce charity, consider the PlantatreeCo. The company’s Instagram account has become increasingly popular since 2020, when it promised to plant 100 trees for every deleted picture that’s reposted. Although the company offers free necklace giveaways, the site’s website does not make it clear that all proceeds from sales go to charity. As of late last year, the website already had several stories up. The company even gained thousands of followers during the Australian bushfires. In fact, one photo from the account has over two million likes.

A few points to keep in mind when deciding whether Plantatreeco is a legitimate company are its lack of transparency and contact details. These are two key factors that raise the credibility of a website. Although they seem legitimate, it is vital to avoid websites that offer too much information, particularly those that look too genuine to be true. In addition, this website does not provide any details about the product’s shipping costs.

Is it a fake?

While the legitimacy of Plantatreeco is still up in the air, the novelty of the concept has gained it attention. The website was launched on 25th May 2019, but we still do not know who runs it. This company collects personal information and does not disclose the identity of the owner. We also cannot find the contact details of the company or shipping costs. All this makes us suspicious about the company, so we have to do our own research to find out if it is a scam.

We did find several reviews about the company on the Internet. There are mixed consumer comments, with a moderate trust score. However, the site’s claims are still plausible. It claims to plant a tree for every purchase. While the site does not give details about the process of planting a tree, it is not the most ethical way to go about it. Some reviews have even questioned the authenticity of the company.

Is it a scam?

Unlike most other online business stages, Plantatreeco claims to plant a tree for each purchase. Their entry states that the organization has planted over six thousand trees and intends to plant even more. However, this claim is somewhat dubious, since they do not reveal the owner’s contact details or shipping charges. This article will examine the legitimacy of Plantatreeco in detail. It may help you decide whether or not to invest your time and money with them.

While Plantatreeco is a popular social media account, its online presence does not necessarily translate to legitimacy. The website is popular on Instagram and boasts over eight hundred thousand followers with over 300 posts. However, the website has been associated with many negative reviews. Trustpilot has several negative reviews, including one from a customer who said they never received their necklace. The site also appears on Quora, where several articles talk about whether it is legit. However, these articles do not provide enough evidence to prove its claim of being a reputable company.

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