Python 2 and Python 3

To put it simply, in Python 2;

  • Print is regarded as a statement rather than a function.
  • Strings are stored as ASCII by default in 
  • We get an integral value by dividing two integers. In Python 2, for example, 7/2 equals 3.
  • Notations denote exceptions in Python 2.
  • Python 2’s syntax is more complex than Python 3.
  • Many Python 2 libraries are not backward compatible.
  • Python 2 has been decommissioned since 2020.

In the year 2008, Python 3 was released.

In Python 3

  • Print is regarded as a function rather than a statement.
  • Strings are stored as UNICODE by default in Python 3.
  • Concerning the division In Python 3, we get a floating-point value from two integers. In Python 3, for example, 7/2 equals 3.5.
  • Exceptions in Python 3 are enclosed in parentheses.
  • Variable values in Python 3 never change.
  • To perform iterations, Python 3 introduced the new Range() function.
  • Python 3 has a simpler syntax than Python 2.
  • Many libraries are written in Python 3 to be used only with Python 3.

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Python AI MI Course in Bangalore

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Options for Training

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Eligibility for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Courses

These Machine Learning Courses and Certification Exams require only a basic understanding of Python, Excel, and R. We recommend this course for Data Scientists, Data Analysts, and Bi Professionals who want to learn Machine Learning for building applications.


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